A frequent question that we are asked is whether a FemCap is ‘better’ than a diaphragm. In short, there are lots of reasons to suggest that yes, the FemCap is somewhat better.

A cervical cap, as the name suggests, caps the cervix like a thimble capping the thumb. This produces a tight suctioned seal, preventing sperm from entering the uterus. Contraceptive gel placed in the dome of the cap increases the suction and adds a second level of protection.

In contrast, a diaphragm sits inside the vaginal cavity and is held in place by muscular support from the sides of the vaginal cavity. The traditional diaphragm design can slip out of place, and if just one side moves too far inwards or outwards, the protective seal may be broken.

Another benefit of the FemCap is its small size. Diaphragms are around the size of the palm of your hand, and can be intimidating and unwieldy. A FemCap is about a third of the size of an average size diaphragm, so it is often easier to get a hang of insertion and removal.

The brim is designed to hold additional contraceptive gel in place and direct the flow of sperm directly towards the gel. This is the third level of protection, further increasing the effectiveness of the FemCap.

The last obviously noticeable addition to FemCap is the removal ring. You can simply gently press the dome of the FemCap to release any suction, and then slip your finger into the ring to gently remove the FemCap.

The majority of users surveyed by FemCap in a study said that they preferred the FemCap to a regular diaphragm, based on ease of use and preference, so the case is pretty strong for the FemCap being the users favourite.

Our take on this is that people should stick to what’s best for them. If you get on well with a diaphragm, stick to it. With barrier contraception the correct device of the device impacts it’s contraceptive efficiency. To continue with what you know and are familiar with makes more sense than learning something new from scratch, even if it’s design is better.

Remember to always check with your Doctor, Gyno or Midwife if you’re thinking of changing your contraceptive method.

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