The FemCap is another in the growing portfolio of options which are available to couples who want instantly reversible, hormone-free contraception.

Similar to a menstrual cup, the FemCap is a cervical cap which like a contraceptive diaphragm acts as a physical barrier between the cervix and any sperm or ejaculate that might want to find it’s way to the womb to fertilize any eggs!

1. More Pleasurable Sex

Synthetic hormones lower libido. Condoms interrupt the intimacy of skin-to-skin sex. This was not the way sex was meant to be! Enjoy more intimate, pleasurable sex with FemCap.  

2. Be Spontaneous

FemCap is easy to use and can be inserted hours before intercourse. No fumbling with a condom and breaking the flow of the moment.  

3. Simple Sizing

FemCap eliminates the problem of finding a healthcare professional to fit your barrier contraceptive, a common stumbling block for women who want to become diaphragm users. The size you need is simply determined by your obstetrical history, so you can order your FemCap online today without having to visit your Doctor, MidWife or Gyno’ to work out which is your size.

4. Environmentally Friendly

FemCap is reusable and made of a non-allergenic latex-free material, so your carbon footprint is kept to a minimum. By not opting for hormonal contraceptives you’ll also be saving the water cycle from having to deal with the synthetic hormones that you would be passing through your system. Good for you. Good for the world.  

5. Stay Balanced

Do you really want to replace your natural femininity with artificial, synthetic hormones? The pill and other hormonal birth control lowers libido, causes mood swings and depression, and a host of other side effects. And of course, a number of long term health risks are liked to artificial hormones also. FemCap allows your fertility and menstrual cycle to fluctuate organically, without altering your internal balance. Bonus: enjoy reliable hormone-free contraception while breastfeeding!

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