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FemCap is the hormone-free birth control solution for the modern women. Instead of turning off ovulation with hormonal birth control or implanting a foreign device like a coil/IUD to stop implantation, FemCap creates simply a barrier between the cervix and the sperm. A small silicone cap is placed directly over the cervix to stop sperm from traveling towards the uterus. Because pregnancy can only occur if sperm enters the cervix, travels to the uterus, and meets a fertile egg, this barrier eliminates the risk of pregnancy.

It took years of research to designing a cervical cap that would be comfortable, precise, and easy to use. It's a simple concept, with outstanding results.

Safe, effective, and side-effect free birth control is finally accessible thanks to the FemCap.

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Better For Both

Being able to go hormone-free with your contraception means that both partners can enjoy the natural balance which can be disrupted with hormonal contraception. Sitting further back and being smaller than a regular diaphragm means that the majority of couples won’t notice it’s there when being used.

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FemCap Cervical Cap Size Guide
FemCap Sizing, Made Easy

FemCap was designed to be used in developing countries where women might have limited access to Doctors, Gyno’s and Midwives who might be able to assess them for a diaphragm and the correct size to be used.

FemCap works by forming a barrier across the cervix, not across the vagina. Since only a few events would change the predicatble size of a woman's cervix it becomes a practical and reliable approach to contraception design, more so than diaphragms which use the unpredictable sizing of the vagina.

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ContraGel, The Natural Alternative To Spermicide
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FemCap MUST be used with a spermicide or contraceptive gel.

ContraGel is a new, natural alternative to 'traditional' spermicides and is the ideal partner for your FemCap. Possible itchiness which can sometimes be casued by using traditional Nonoxynol 9 based spermicide can be a distraction just when pleasure should be the focus. And since both of you have your most sensitive parts exposed to the substance, opting for a natural alternative is twice as important

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