FemCap is the hormone-free birth control solution for the modern woman.

Instead of turning off ovulation with hormonal birth control or implanting a foreign device like a coil/IUD to stop implantation, FemCap simply creates a barrier between the cervix and the sperm. A small silicone cap is placed directly over the cervix to stop sperm from traveling towards the uterus. Because pregnancy can only occur if sperm enters the cervix, travels to the uterus, and meets a fertile egg, this barrier eliminates the risk of pregnancy.

It took years of research to designing a cervical cap that would be comfortable, precise, and easy to use. It's a simple concept, with outstanding results.

Maybe the idea of inserting a contraceptive device vaginally and leaving it in place for a few hours sounds a bit different and hard to imagine. I hear that. But it's actually a pretty similar process to using a menstrual cup, something that a growing number of women have tried at some point.

Menstrual cups are usually emptied six to eight hours after insertion (max), and the FemCap is similar.

A common routine is to apply a bit of spermicide (which also acts as a light lubricant for easier placement) and pop it in place during the evening. When the magic moment arrives there's no fumbling around for condoms, contraception is already taken care of. After intercourse you can just leave it in place and forget about it until the morning when you can remove it in the shower, give it a clean and store it until next time. No waste either.

Safe, effective, and side-effect free birth control!

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